dClimate Ecosystem Roundup Vol. 07 - Meet Aegis, Our New Product

Monthly summary of dClimate updates and news. We revealed Aegis, a novel physical climate risk assessment platform, and showcased the power of this tool for the tourism industry.

dClimate Ecosystem Roundup Vol. 07 - Meet Aegis, Our New Product
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July was an exciting month for us. After months of work behind the scenes, we finally announced Aegis - a novel take on corporate climate risk assessment.

This summer has shown that proactive risk management for extreme weather events is very important. Floods, heavy rainfall, heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and hurricanes can significantly impact your core business, critical supply chain partners, investments, and portfolio companies.

Our unique combined expertise in climate science, data engineering, and financial risk modeling has led to the creation of a next-generation physical climate risk assessment solution. A solution that provides probabilistic risks for numerous climate perils, including average annual losses (AAL), for any location and time period.

Read our extensive announcement for all the details. 👇

Introducing Aegis: A Revolutionary Leap in Corporate Climate Risk Management
At dClimate, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to deliver comprehensive, precise, and actionable climate data to those who need it the most. Today, we mark an exciting milestone in this ongoing journey as we are proud to announce Aegis (Pronounced [EE] + [JIS] and named after the mythical sh…

One industry that can benefit from physical climate risk assessments is tourism and hospitality. We analyzed a major hotel chain with over 1500 locations across Europe, India, and China to showcase the power of Aegis.

Read the case study to learn more about the climate perils that this leading global hospitality company should be aware of.

Case Study: Climate Risk Assessment for Tourism
The tourism and hospitality industry is directly exposed to climate risks. As the economic impact of climate events continues to escalate, executives are increasingly urged to consider climate-related disruptions in their decision-making and business planning. dClimate leverages its extensive repo…

Last month we released two editions of our newsletter, emphasizing climate risks and extreme weather events. In case you haven't read these publications yet, we have linked them below!

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The Newsletter about Climate Data, Regenerative Finance and Climate Risk ⛅ During the last couple of weeks, several record-breaking weather events have occurred. From the highest global average temperatures, to extreme Antarctic sea ice anomalies - the climate data and visualizations clearly show…
Data ReFined #13: Announcing Aegis - A New Paradigm for Climate Risk Assessment
In this edition of our bi-weekly newsletter we introduce Aegis, a breakthrough product to assess physical climate risks - powered by dClimate’s open data infrastructure.

dClimate's Head of Growth, Robert Heilberg, was one of the speakers on a panel discussion about MRV Innovation at the ReFi Summit. The video recording was recently released.

Get up to speed with the new innovations happening in the field of measurement, reporting, and verification technologies by watching the video!

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