dClimate Ecosystem Roundup Vol. 05 - AI, digital MRV and jobs!

dClimate Ecosystem Roundup Vol. 05 - AI, digital MRV and jobs!

June is here, so it is time for another roundup of news from the dClimate Ecosystem, covering developments, publications and events of the last month.

Data Marketplace Updates

Before we dive in, it is good to mention that we continue to build out our Data Marketplace with new functions, bug fixes, and UX improvements.


  • You can now export your selection of relevant data in Zarr dataset files as JSON and CSV file formats
  • Added the ability to edit API after publishing a subscription
  • Updated the Data Marketplace frontend to Next13
  • Enabled live updates on NFT sales page
  • Refactored code to be more modular

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rounding issues on NFT page

Hosting over 30+ terabytes of free datasets, it is the biggest decentralized platform for institutional-grade climate data, so check it out!

dClimate is Hiring!

Since we are working hard on creating various data-driven climate applications, more talent is needed to help us build. Therefore, we launched the official dClimate Job Board!

Please apply to any of the open positions if you have the relevant experience and want to join our wonderful team!

dClimate Jobs
dClimate Jobs

Livestream - Timestamps Now Available

In collaboration with the Climate Collective and Open Forest Protocol, we hosted an interesting livestream about dMRV, AI and blockchain infrastructure and the role of these technologies for data-driven climate impact.

The recording below includes timestamps, so you can easily skip to the most interesting topics if you do not have 40 minutes to watch the entire conversation.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Climate Action

The AI hype is hard to miss nowadays. However, the relevance of artificial intelligence to climate tech and data-driven climate impact is less obvious. That is why we wrote an extensive article about this topic.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Climate Action: A Deep Dive into Key Applications
Why we use AI algorithms for underwriting parametric insurance, building digital MRV tools, and enhancing existing climate data.

Our Newsletter

We released two editions of our Data ReFined Newsletter last month.

Edition #08 focused on the role of artificial intelligence for climate action, which includes the blogpost above and many other interesting pieces of content about using AI for climate impact. Check it out below!

Data ReFined #08: Using AI for Climate Action 🪄🌎
What is the role of artificial intelligence for achieving data-driven and verifiable climate action? In this edition of the Data ReFined newsletter we pay special attention to this topic.

Newsletter #09 dives into digital measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) solutions and data-driven climate intelligence tools. We have received great positive feedback on this one, so do read it if you haven't already.

Data ReFined #09: Digital MRV and Climate Intelligence
In this newsletter, we explore recent developments of AI and climate data, cover new blockchain-powered approaches for verifiable climate action, and shed light on climate risk management strategies such as parametric insurance for extreme weather events.

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A Conversation with Jasmine Energy

Together with Jasmine Energy, we hosted a Twitter Spaces session to talk about the role of climate data for renewable energy credits (RECs), dynamic carbon tokens, and much more!

Tangible Impact

Toucan wrote a blogpost about various blockchain-powered climate tech companies that create meaningful and tangible impact. dClimate was listed as one of the four examples.

4 Blockchain projects with tangible impact | Toucan
We introduce 4 innovative climate blockchain projects and their positive, real-world impact on the environment and the communities in which they’re based.

ReFi Summit

dClimate's Head of Growth, Robert, participated on the panel about digital MRV technologies at the ReFi Summit.

Robert on the panel about dMRV (Digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) at ReFi Summit. Image credit: Josh Harris

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