dClimate Ecosystem Roundup Vol. 08: Introducing CYCLOPS, Natural Capital Monitoring for the 21st Century

dClimate Ecosystem Roundup Vol. 08: Introducing CYCLOPS, Natural Capital Monitoring for the 21st Century
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Get up-to-date with this roundup of dClimate news from the last couple of weeks.

CYCLOPS, a new digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) and natural capital analytics platform that helps to improve data integrity in the voluntary carbon market (VCM), is now live. We also look back on a successful ReFi NYC and NYC Climate Week.

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CYCLOPS, A New Era for Data Integrity and Standards in the VCM

At ReFi NYC, dClimate co-founder Sid Jha officially announced CYCLOPS, a new way to monitor, manage, and verify natural capital.

Powered by dClimate's open infrastructure for climate data, this innovative dMRV solution transparently monitors forestry health at a global scale (deforestation, biomass, carbon stock).

For more details, please read the announcement blog post. 👇

Introducing CYCLOPS: A Comprehensive Approach to Natural Capital Monitoring
Environmental monitoring, particularly in the domain of natural capital and the voluntary carbon market, demands precision, transparency, and accountability. Today, we are proud to introduce CYCLOPS (Calculating Yearly Carbon Levels Over Perennials and Savannah), an advanced data model and open digi…

Are you interested to see the application for yourself? Visit the CYCLOPS website to register your account or schedule a demo!

Watch the webinar for a platform demo. This webinar dives deep into the functionality of CYCLOPS and provides insights into how this platform can help to improve data integrity and standards in global carbon markets.

dClimate co-founder Sid Jha officially announced CYCLOPS at ReFi NYC 2023.

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For a quick refresher on the what, how, and why of digital MRV solutions, please read this blog post.

dMRV: What is it, how it works, and why it is essential for bringing scale and accountability to the VCM
Digital measurement, reporting and verification tools have gotten more attention in recent months. This article provides an overview of this exciting technological development for carbon markets and beyond.

Reflecting on ReFi NYC

This year's edition of ReFi NYC was a great success, with over 600+ registrations and 40+ speakers throughout the day leading panel discussions, fireside chats and keynotes on the intersection of regenerative finance, natural capital and climate tech.

A big thanks to Arbol, Greenly, the Climate Collective, and BlockApps for sponsoring ReFi NYC this year.

If you weren’t there IRL, no worries! The sessions were recorded, and we will share videos in the coming weeks. Some videos from the event are already on dClimate’s YouTube channel. Until then, here are some photos from the event. 📸

Using Aegis to Conduct a Physical Climate Risk Assessment for a Retailer

The retail industry faces significant impacts from climate risks such as floods, heat waves, and tropical cyclones. To showcase the power of Aegis, our team conducted a physical climate risk assessment using Aegis for a major retailer with over 2300 locations in North America.

Discover the insights in the case study below! 👇

Case Study: Climate Risk Assessment for Retail
The retail industry faces extreme climate risks across its supply chains and executives are pressured to consider these risks in their decision-making. dClimate, a data-driven climate solutions ecosystem, utilizes its extensive climate data to develop solutions that address emerging climate needs, p…

If you are interested in learning more about Aegis, our comprehensive physical climate risk assessment platform, please visit our product page!

dClimate - Aegis
First Decentralized Network for Climate Data, Forecasts, and Models

InclusionBridge Project

As part of InclusionBridge’s after-school program, three students leveraged ERA5 data via dClimate’s API to determine the top 3 locations for an onshore wind park in the United States.

Learn more details about this project in the blog post below! 👇

dClimate’s Data Infrastructure Used by InclusionBridge Students to Find Optimal Locations for Wind Energy in the US
Earlier in 2023, dClimate announced a partnership with InclusionBridge, a non-profit organization that supports underserved high schoolers and students looking to pursue careers in data science. InclusionBridge gives students access to dClimate’s data infrastructure and data tools as part of this…

Digital MRV and Blockchain Tech

We were mentioned in this article from Cointelegraph about the possibilities of digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) solutions.

Check it out via the link below!

How blockchain tech and dMRV can help carbon trading markets
MRV has been underpinning sustainability reporting for years but has a lot of weaknesses, experts state.

Mention in Newsletter

Oasis featured our recently announced physical climate risk assessment platform, Aegis, in their newsletter.

Oasis Newsletter - September 2023 :: Oasis Loss Modelling Framework
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