dClimate Ecosystem Roundup Vol. 06 - Physical Climate Risk, Product Teasers, and more!

Our monthly roundup of news and updates within the dClimate Ecosystem!

dClimate Ecosystem Roundup Vol. 06 - Physical Climate Risk, Product Teasers, and more!

A lot of the content we shared on our socials in the last month was focused on physical climate risk and our upcoming new product that will be announced very soon. 👀

We also revealed a new partnership with Hydro-GIS, deepened our relationship with our friends at Arbol, and did a Twitter Spaces with Topl.

Plenty of updates, so let's get into it! ⬇️

Teaser for our upcoming new product. Can you guess what it is?

Physical Climate Risk Assessment

Last month we published a pair of articles about physical climate risk assessment.

The first one explains what physical climate risk is, how do conduct an assessment, and what sort of data you need for it. Learn more via the link below!

Managing Corporate Climate Risk: The Importance of Physical Climate Risk Assessment
As we journey further into the 21st century, the realities of climate change are becoming increasingly impossible to ignore. As such, corporate climate risk management is fast becoming a priority for companies globally. A crucial aspect of this process is physical climate risk assessment, a techniqu…

The second blog post in this series dives deep into why various types of businesses need insights into physical climate risks. Read more via the link below!

Use Cases for Physical Climate Risk Assessment: A Comprehensive Overview
As climate change advances, its repercussions are becoming increasingly tangible, impacting various sectors of the global economy. Whether it’s the real estate industry grappling with rising sea levels or the agriculture sector contending with changing precipitation patterns, climate change is no lo…


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The tenth edition of our newsletter was focused on climate risk & resilience. It has an extra long section with industry news about extreme weather events and new ways to mitigate the possible economic losses due to these climate perils.

Data ReFined #10: Climate Risk & Resilience (Special Edition)
dClimate’s Bi-Weekly Newsletter about Climate Risk, Climate Data, and Regenerative Finance ⛅ Data suggests that climate change and increasing global temperatures is leading to higher frequency and intensity of catastrophic weather phenomena such as hurricanes, heat waves, floods, and droughts. E…

The eleventh edition of our newsletter revealed important updates that we have made to our data marketplace and presents the latest statistics of our ecosystem! We also share the most important industry news.

Data ReFined #11: New Climate Data & Ecosystem Updates
The Newsletter about Climate Data, Regenerative Finance and Climate Risk ⛅ As we close out June and the second quarter of 2023, it is time to reflect on the status of our climate data ecosystem. This edition of our newsletter presents updates of our data marketplace, covers key metrics of the

Save the Date!

On September 21, 2023 we are organizing the second edition of our annual event in New York City, called ReFi NYC. This event, focused on the regenerative finance (ReFi) movement, brings together leaders, developers, climate scientists, data engineers, and ReFi enthusiasts.

We are all working on verifiable climate impact, increasing integrity in carbon markets, or other data-driven approaches to climate action so let's connect, network, share and learn!

You can apply for a speaker or sponsor slot via the website below! 👇

Regenerative Finance Conference NYC 2023

Flood and Rainfall Data

One of the announcements we made was our partnership with Hydro-GIS, a data provider for our ecosystem. Hydro-GIS brings comprehensive flood and rainfall data to the dClimate data infrastructure, going back 800 years.

Learn more about this partnership in the blog post below!

dClimate Partners with Hydro-GIS Adding to the Growing Flood and Rainfall Data Demand
dClimate, a leading decentralized climate information ecosystem, today announced a partnership with Hydro-GIS Ltd., an established specialist consultancy providing expertise in hydrology and, in particular, flood related studies to create a repository of detailed historical flood and rainfall data…

Data Infrastructure for Parametric Insurance

Another reveal was our collaboration with Arbol on a new reinsurance product (insurance for insurance companies and brokers). This parametric insurance product is focused on damage from extreme storms.

Read more in the article published by Coindesk!

Startup Arbol Unveils AI and Blockchain-Powered Climate Insurance Platform
The market for climate insurance is estimated to triple in the next decade.

Using Blockchain Technology for Climate Action

In late June we hosted a live conversation on Twitter Spaces with our partners at Topl Protocol. We talked about climate data, why we use blockchain and web3 technologies, and more.

The session was recorded so you can listen to the chat in case you missed it.


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Decentralized Climate Information Ecosystem

Our friends at Truflation made a neat animation about our open data infrastructure. You can watch it via the link below!

Thank you for reading this ecosystem update!

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