Data ReFined #29: High-Integrity Carbon Credits, Biochar, Water Data Hub, and NASA Worldview

Data ReFined #29: High-Integrity Carbon Credits, Biochar, Water Data Hub, and NASA Worldview
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In this issue, we're covering the latest in the voluntary carbon market with insights into corporate engagement, a significant biochar credit supply partnership, and innovative insurance for ERW carbon credits. We also feature cutting-edge climate data tools from NASA and NOAA.

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Industry News

The National Water Prediction Service

The National Weather Service has launched a new hub for water data, forecasts, and related services across the United States. This platform aims to improve decision-making for extreme water events by merging data from local to national levels and offering tools like real-time flood mapping and dynamic hydrographs.

National Weather Service launches new website for water prediction and products
NOAA’s National Weather Service launched a new website today: The National Water Prediction Service. This new hub for water data, products and services combines local and regional forecasts with water data and new national level capabilities, such as flood inundation maps and the National Water Model. β€œThis online water hub is

NASA Worldview

A recent article from NASA highlights its Worldview data tool, offering users access to over 1,000 satellite imagery layers for near real-time Earth observations. Worldview facilitates the creation of visualizations, animations, and data comparisons to monitor natural phenomena and changes over time.

Data Tool in Focus: NASA Worldview | Earthdata
NASA Worldview lets users interactively explore more than 1,000 global, full-resolution satellite imagery layers and then download the underlying data.

Demand for High-Integrity Carbon Credits

A survey of 180 executives showcases the voluntary carbon market's (VCM) role in enhancing corporate climate efforts. Over 70% of respondents acknowledged that the VCM enables actions beyond their company's capabilities. This indicates a significant opportunity for growth in corporate climate investments through the utilization of transparent and high-integrity carbon credits.

Accelerating Corporate Climate Finance - We Mean Business Coalition

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Biochar Carbon Removal Credits

Senken and Exomad Green are partnering to supply 81,600 tons of biochar credits from 2025 to 2028. The project, based in Bolivia, targets carbon dioxide removal and aims to deliver social and environmental benefits to the local community. The credits will be tracked transparently and adhere to the Puro Standard.

Senken and Exomad Green announce one of the largest Biochar Carbon Removal Deals to date
Senken and Exomad Green are thrilled to announce one of the largest biochar deals in the world, amounting to a supply of 81,600 tonnes of biochar carbon removal credits between 2025 and 2028.

New Report on Atmospheric-based GHG Monitoring

Hyphen's recent study on atmospheric GHG monitoring, leveraging six decades of research and data, underlines the complexity and challenge of accurately tracking greenhouse gas emissions and removals across different landscapes and activities.

The report reveals significant discrepancies between activity-based estimates and atmospheric measurements, especially when emission sources and carbon sinks are "spatially-extensive, diverse and/or dynamic".

Insurance for Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) Carbon Credits

Kita's new insurance product aims to mitigate risks for buyers and investors in ERW carbon credits by covering under-delivery. The initiative addresses the gap in risk management mechanisms within the voluntary carbon market, aiming to foster confidence and facilitate significant financial flows into this emerging sector.

Press Release: Kita launches Enhanced Rock Weathering insurance product β€” Kita
Carbon insurance specialist, Kita, has expanded its innovative Carbon Purchase Protection Cover to Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) projects. Kita’s insurance will protect buyers and investors of forward-purchased ERW carbon credits. The provision of insurance encourages more early investment into pro

Physical climate risk assessment platforms, such as Aegis, can help your company understand climate-related risks and provide valuable insights for mandatory disclosures.

Wildfire Warnings

A new early warning system for firestorms in the U.S., drawing upon 75 years of severe weather forecasting, has shown promise in saving lives by significantly reducing the time needed to alert and evacuate residents. The system leverages NOAA's GOES-R satellites to detect fires and can warn forecasters and local officials in a matter of minutes.

New warning system could save lives during wildfires Β» Yale Climate Connections
The system got its biggest test yet in February 2024 as a million-acre blaze ripped through the Texas Panhandle.

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