Two-Time NBA Champion DJ Mbenga Joins dClimate Advisory Board to Lead Climate Finance Initiatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Two-Time NBA Champion DJ Mbenga Joins dClimate Advisory Board to Lead Climate Finance Initiatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo
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NEW YORK – dClimate, a leader in decentralized climate data infrastructure, proudly announces the addition of Didier "DJ" Mbenga, a two-time NBA Champion and philanthropic leader, to its advisory board. Mbenga's appointment is a strategic step towards strengthening dClimate's planned partnership with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), ensuring that climate finance initiatives deliver tangible benefits to local communities and contribute to sustainable environmental stewardship.

Originally from Kinshasa, DJ Mbenga is celebrated for his tenure with the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, and New Orleans Hornets. Off the court, he is revered for his humanitarian efforts through the Mbenga Foundation, which is dedicated to assisting children overcome challenges such as poverty and discrimination, aligning closely with dClimate's mission to support vulnerable populations impacted by climate change. Mbenga joins an advisory board that includes investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban, Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov, and former U.S. Special Envoy for the Sahel Region of Africa, Ambassador J. Peter Pham. 

"As an advisor, DJ Mbenga will be instrumental in bridging dClimate's innovative climate finance solutions with the local communities and land stewards in the DRC," said Osho Jha, dClimate's co-founder and CEO. "DJ's profound personal and philanthropic ties to the region are invaluable. His insights will guide our strategic initiatives, ensuring that our projects not only support global climate goals but also directly contribute to the prosperity and resilience of local communities."

dClimate's planned partnership with the DRC focuses on leveraging carbon finance to preserve the Congo Basin, one of the planet's largest carbon sinks and biodiversity hotspots. The project aims to facilitate the flow of international climate finance to protect this crucial ecosystem, emphasizing data integrity and direct community involvement.

"I am honored to join dClimate's advisory board and contribute to the protection of our planet for present and future generations,” said DJ Mbenga. “This commitment aligns with my deep conviction and dedication to environmental and biodiversity preservation. Embracing nature-based solutions is integral to achieving this noble mission of preserving our forests while promoting sustainable development for local communities and indigenous peoples, which is a core principle of the Mbenga Foundation."

This collaboration marks an essential step towards inclusive and effective climate action. With dClimate's innovative approach and DJ Mbenga's influential advocacy, the project is set to become a model for how climate tech and finance can empower local communities and safeguard the environment for future generations.

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About the Mbenga Foundation

Founded by former NBA player DJ Mbenga, the Mbenga Foundation is committed to improving the lives of children in the Democratic Republic of Congo by addressing critical social challenges. Drawing upon his experiences both on and off the basketball court, DJ Mbenga brings a unique perspective to philanthropy, leveraging his platform to advocate for positive change. With a deep-rooted passion for his homeland, Mbenga channels his dedication and determination into the foundation's mission of providing education, healthcare, and community development initiatives. Through collaborative efforts with local organizations and stakeholders, Mbenga's foundation strives to make a tangible difference in the lives of the youth in underserved communities, echoing his commitment to uplift and empower others, much like he did during his illustrious NBA career.

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