Data ReFined #20: Google's AI Model for Weather Forecasting, Data Bias in Climate Satellites, the Future of Coffee, and more!

Data ReFined #20: Google's AI Model for Weather Forecasting, Data Bias in Climate Satellites, the Future of Coffee, and more!
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Google DeepMind Open-Sources New AI Model for Weather Forecasting

DeepMind's GraphCast significantly advances the accuracy and speed of medium-range weather predictions (up to 10 days). The open-source model surpasses the accuracy and efficiency of the current industry standard, the High-Resolution Forecast by the ECMWF. Learn more via the link below!

GraphCast: AI model for faster and more accurate global weather forecasting
Our state-of-the-art model delivers 10-day weather predictions at unprecedented accuracy in under one minute

Explaining Data Bias from Climate Satellites

In this video, Simon Clark discusses the integration of diverse climate satellite systems into datasets such as ERA5. He also covers the methods climatologists use to address minor data discrepancies among the various satellites, which can be launched decades apart.

dClimate's Data Marketplace and API contains over 40 terabytes of free institutional-grade climate data. We make it easy for you to download cleaned-up and standardized datasets, so you can focus on creating climate impact!

Carbon Emission Tracking from Space

GHGSat launched the first commercial CO2 sensor in Earth's orbit. The company launched three satellites to provide carbon emission data. The resolution and accuracy enable data scientists to pinpoint industrial facilities that emit CO2.

Sid Jha, founder and CEO of Arbol, on the InsTech Podcast

Arbol has built new climate-related insurance products focused on the energy and agricultural sectors. The insurtech scale-up is also looking to help companies manage climate risks beyond insurance. Listen to the conversation with Sid Jha via the link below for all the details!

Sid Jha, Founder & CEO: Arbol: Managing climate risks - parametric and beyond (274) - InsTech - insurance & innovation with Matthew Grant
Arbol, an MGA specializing in parametric insurance, has been rapidly growing and expanding since we last spoke a year ago. Arbol recently announced a partnership with reinsurer Beazley, enabling them to deploy capacity in the US for weather risks. Tu…

Advanced physical climate risk assessment platforms, such as Aegis, enable your company to better understand and prepare for the effects of climate perils on your operations and supply chain.

Climate Change and the Coffee Industry

The coffee sector is facing significant challenges due to shifting climate conditions, as coffee plants are particularly vulnerable to climate fluctuations and only produce coffee beans within a narrow temperature range. The video below offers insights into the difficulties faced by the industry and discusses potential solutions to these climate-related challenges.

In related news, dClimate has become a member of the Global Coffee Platform and is actively developing a novel ecosystem application aimed at assisting stakeholders in the coffee industry to adapt to evolving climate conditions.

Community Insurance: Insights from NYC's Post-Flood Relief Initiative

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) released an article and report about a community insurance pilot in NYC, initiated after the floods in late September. The pilot project utilized a parametric risk transfer mechanism. Read the article for more details.

Carbon Markets

Sid Jha, co-founder of dClimate, was interviewed about the challenges and opportunities in global carbon markets. He points out that the carbon market is at a critical juncture with increasing demand for higher-quality, verifiable projects. Read the full interview via the link below!

What Ails Carbon Markets?
What Ails Carbon Markets? | Global Finance Magazine

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Digital Infrastructure for Carbon Removal

The Climate Collective and the Carbon Business Council have published a white paper about digital infrastructure for carbon removal. The report highlights the main obstacles facing the carbon removal industry, pinpoints areas where digital infrastructure can provide solutions, and presents specific recommendations for the industry's adoption of digital technologies.

WHITE PAPER: Digital Infrastructure for Carbon Removal — Carbon Business Council
The Carbon Business Council published a white paper about Digital Infrastructure for Carbon Removal. Developed by a working group and published with support from the Climate Collective, the white paper outlines key challenges the carbon removal sector faces; identifies opportunities where digital in

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