Data ReFined #19: New Satellite Data to Monitor Forest Ecosystems

Data ReFined #19: New Satellite Data to Monitor Forest Ecosystems
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Welcome to another edition of the Data ReFined newsletter, bringing you the most recent developments in data-driven climate intelligence, the latest updates in the growing field of regenerative finance, and helping you to unravel the multifaceted nature of climate risks.

This issue covers a new satellite mission from NASA and ISRO that helps to monitor deforestation, the Climate Adaptation Report 2023 from the United Nations, the leadership transition at ReFi DAO, and much more!

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New Satellite Data for Tracking Global Forests and Wetlands

NASA and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) are launching an advanced satellite system in early 2024. The NISAR mission will employ L-band radar technology to penetrate forest canopies, providing detailed data on forest density and ecosystem changes.

You can find more details in the announcement below.

NASA-ISRO Radar Mission to Provide Dynamic View of Forests, Wetlands - NASA
NISAR will help researchers explore how changes in Earth’s forest and wetland ecosystems are affecting the global carbon cycle and influencing climate change.

The team at CYCLOPS is looking forward to incorporating satellite data from the NISAR mission. Incorporating these new datasets into the machine learning algorithms will enhance the platform's capabilities in tracking deforestation and monitoring natural capital.

How Satellite Data is Used to Detect Deforestation

This article offers a high-level overview of critical satellite data, like radar, and discusses the ways these datasets can be utilized for tracking natural capital and alterations within forest ecosystems.

Monitoring Forests Globally: How Satellite Data Is Used to Detect Deforestation
Satellite technology fulfills an important role in monitoring forests globally. Discover the opportunities, techniques, and challenges of…

Deforestation Targets

Over the last decade, numerous governments and businesses have made commitments to forest conservation, aiming to abolish illegal deforestation by 2030. These deforestation targets are currently not met. The new Forest Pathways Report has set out an action plan for getting back on track.

Read more in the article below!

Forests are vital to protect the climate, yet the world is falling far behind its targets
The world is falling behind on commitments to protect and restore forests, according to the recent Forest Declaration Assessment. There is no serious pathway to fixing climate change while forest losses continue at current rates, because global climate targets, sustainable development goals and fore…

dClimate's Data Marketplace and API contains over 40 terabytes of free institutional-grade climate data that you can use to protect or regrow forests. Reading the documentation and joining our community on Discord is the easiest way to get started!

United Nations Adaptation Gap Report 2023

As climate risks rise globally, there is an increasing shortfall in funding adaptation strategies. This adaptation gap is currently estimated to be between $194 billion and $366 billion annually. The new U.N. study outlines seven approaches to boost funding. You can find more details in the report linked below.

Adaptation Gap Report 2023
In 2023, temperature records toppled, while storms, floods, droughts and heatwaves caused devastation. UNEP’s Adaptation Gap Report 2023: Underfinanced. Underprepared – Inadequate investment and planning on climate adaptation leaves world exposed finds that progress on climate adaptation is slowing…

Designing Flood-Resistant Cities

While a single urban design in China cannot singlehandedly shield us from the impacts of climate change and flooding, the concept of "sponge cities" can aid in our adaptation to these challenges. Watch the video for more details.

Advanced physical climate risk assessment platforms, such as Aegis, can help companies understand and anticipate the risk of flooding for all business locations and critical supply chain partners.

ReFi DAO's Leadership Transition

John Ellison and Daryl Edwards, co-founders of ReFi DAO, have renounced their leadership roles to make space for new talent and refocus on other projects. ReFi DAO facilitates the build-out of localized ReFi nodes in cities around the world, growing the regenerative finance movement.

A Leadership Transition at ReFi DAO: Paving The Way for New Growth
I am super excited to announce a major milestone in ReFi DAO’s evolution as an organization: both Daryl Edwards and I are stepping down from leadership to pave the way for the next generation of leaders at ReFi DAO. After nearly two years of service, we will be shifting

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Planting 700 Trees with Silvi Protocol

During ReFi Week at the Traditional Dream Factory, Silvi Protocol sponsored a tree-planting event. More than 40 people participated, collectively adding 700 trees to the regenerative co-living property. Open Forest Protocol is leveraged as a reporting tool for this reforestation project.

Localized initiatives like this show that the regenerative finance movement is having a real and tangible environmental impact!

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