Data ReFined #17: Announcing CYCLOPS - Next Generation Natural Capital Monitoring and Digital MRV

Data ReFined #17: Announcing CYCLOPS - Next Generation Natural Capital Monitoring and Digital MRV
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Expanding the dClimate Ecosystem with CYCLOPS

We are pleased to announce an exciting new product in our ecosystem. Leveraging dClimate's open data infrastructure, CYCLOPS is a new approach to monitoring natural capital and bringing trust and scale to global carbon markets. CYCLOPS utilizes high-resolution satellite imagery/geospatial intelligence, granular climate data, and sophisticated generative artificial intelligence models to effectively and transparently monitor the health of forests at a global scale (deforestation, biomass, carbon stock).

CYCLOPS has a comprehensive feature set and represents the next generation of digital MRV and risk management technology for carbon markets. For more details, please read the official announcement below! 👇

Introducing CYCLOPS: A Comprehensive Approach to Natural Capital Monitoring
Environmental monitoring, particularly in the domain of natural capital and the voluntary carbon market, demands precision, transparency, and accountability. Today, we are proud to introduce CYCLOPS (Calculating Yearly Carbon Levels Over Perennials and Savannah), an advanced data model and open digi…

CYCLOPS Open Platform Demo and Webinar

Watch the webinar for a platform demo. This webinar dives deep into the functionality of CYCLOPS and provides insights into how this platform can help to improve data integrity and standards in global carbon markets.

Announcement Presentation

CYCLOPS was first introduced to the attendees at ReFi NYC 2023 by Sid Jha, co-founder of dClimate. His keynote is available via YouTube, so you can easily rewatch the in-depth presentation.

dClimate co-founder Sid Jha officially announced CYCLOPS at ReFi NYC 2023.

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Would you like a quick refresher on the what, how, and why of digital MRV solutions? Please read this blog post to learn more!

dMRV: What is it, how it works, and why it is essential for bringing scale and accountability to the VCM
Digital measurement, reporting and verification tools have gotten more attention in recent months. This article provides an overview of this exciting technological development for carbon markets and beyond.

Industry News

ReFi NYC 2023, a Massive Success!

With over 600+ registrations and 40+ speakers representing traditional finance/banking, ReFi, carbon markets, insurance, big data, climate tech and public policy, this year's edition of ReFi NYC was a great success. We were privileged to bring the community together in NYC for a day of discussions, case study presentations, and learning opportunities to discuss what the future holds and what solutions are actionable and working today.

A big thanks to Arbol, the Climate Collective, Greenly, and BlockApps for sponsoring ReFi NYC this year.

Panels, firesides, and keynote presentations from ReFi NYC can be found on dClimate’s YouTube channel.

For those who just want to (re)experience the vibe, here are some photos from the event. 📸

World Economic Forum's Report about the VCM

The WEF released a new report called “Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets: A Playbook for Corporate Action.” The report explains how the voluntary carbon market addresses climate financing challenges and provides guidance for businesses to engage with carbon credits.

Data for High-Integrity Carbon Markets

Staying on the topic of the VCM, Toucan published a new blog post detailing the significance of reliable carbon credit data and tokenization. Data integrity and process integrity are important pillars to improve and scale the voluntary carbon market. Read the blog post below to learn more! 👇

Data for high-integrity carbon markets | Climate finance
The quality and accessibility of carbon credit data needs to become better. This increases trust and drives effective climate action in the VCM.

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Biden Administration Announces $80 Million to Improve Flood Prediction Capabilities

As part of the Investing in America Agenda, the U.S. Department of Commerce and NOAA’s Office of Water Prediction have signed a $80 million, four-year contract with Raytheon. The funding is meant to "transform water prediction by enabling rapid deployment of advanced water models to provide coupled, continental scale, operational coastal and inland flood forecasting and inundation mapping services."

Progress on Subseasonal Forecasting

In a new study, climate scientists at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes have discovered that water vapor transport could be used as a proxy or substitute for forecasting rainfall up to four weeks ahead globally. By integrating this research into climate models, longer-term forecasts can become more accurate and potentially warn of extreme rain and flooding.

Predicting the rain weeks in advance
ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

Emerging ESG Reporting Mandates

Out of 750 companies that KPMG surveyed, only 25% indicated that they feel prepared to comply with the new climate-related disclosures. The firms that feel unprepared are starting to adapt tools to help them comply with emerging ESG rules. Read more in the article below!

Three-quarters of firms globally are not ready for new ESG rules, KPMG finds
Three-quarters of companies globally are not ready to have their environmental, social and governance (ESG) data audited externally months before new regulations kick in, according to a new report from KPMG published on Tuesday.

Aegis, dClimate’s platform for physical climate risk assessment, can help companies gain actionable insights and intelligence needed to comply with these upcoming mandated climate-related disclosures.

Introducing Aegis: A Revolutionary Leap in Corporate Climate Risk Management
At dClimate, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to deliver comprehensive, precise, and actionable climate data to those who need it the most. Today, we mark an exciting milestone in this ongoing journey as we are proud to announce Aegis (Pronounced [EE] + [JIS] and named after the mythical sh…

Why Climate Risk Mitigation Strategies Matter

To close out this newsletter, we would like to highlight this specific moment in the Climate Risk panel at ReFi NYC.

Osho Jha, CEO and Co-Founder of dClimate, explains in 2 minutes why access to granular data is an essential element of climate risk mitigation strategies for companies in all industries. 👇

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