dClimate + Telos + Kanda Aim for the Sky and Bring IoT Sensor Data On-Chain

dClimate + Telos + Kanda Aim for the Sky and Bring IoT Sensor Data On-Chain

dClimate is thrilled to announce its partnership with Telos and Kanda Weather to decentralize and democratize climate data collection

dClimate, the first decentralized ecosystem for Earth’s climate record, is excited to partner with Telos, one of the world’s most active blockchain networks to launch and scale its IoT sensor data program with the Kanda Weather Group. The focus of this partnership is to bring new data from around the world on-chain, decentralize and democratize data collection, and ultimately close the large gaps in data availability facing continents like Africa.

“We are excited to partner with Telos and Kanda to launch a program that will democratize and decentralize climate data collection around the world,” said Sid Jha, founding partner of dClimate. “In addition to making climate data more available and accessible, this valuable partnership advances our mission to decentralize data collection at the point of origin and expand global data coverage beyond just a few large, centralized sources of truth. By partnering with Telos and Kanda, anyone with an internet connection, an IoT sensor, and a passion for ESG will be able to help close the sizable gaps in data and forecast availability that exist globally.”

Africa is the continent that is most vulnerable to climate change, yet at the same time, has the largest gaps in data and forecast availability to aid the response and planning infrastructure of impacted regions and communities. In 2019, just 22% of weather stations throughout the continent met global data reporting standards. Having access to accurate, historical climate information is critical for helping communities fight climate change. Data and forecasts not only help communities understand how climate change impacts them, but helps them build innovative climate resilience applications, tools, and products like parametric insurance to adapt and proactively plan for natural disasters.

“Blockchain can solve the problem in climate data availability, because data is hosted on a network with 100% uptime on multiple servers around the world,” said Nicolas Lopez, founder of Kanda Weather Group. “Eosio software in particular, is very well suited for holding real-time data on-chain, while allowing the structured data to be queried just like a traditional non-relational database.”

As part of its program with Kanda, dClimate will initially deploy ESP32-based sensors at a location in West Africa to collect weather data and climate insights. As the program expands, dClimate will look to make sensor kits available to members of the community who are interested in earning rewards for collecting data in their local communities.

Anybody, regardless of previous experience, is able and eligible to operate a dClimate sensor as part of this program. If you are interested in operating a sensor, please fill out this interest form to get on the waitlist. Join the dClimate community today on Discord and Telegram to learn more about this partnership, the ecosystem, and opportunities to get involved.

“Since inception we’ve been largely mission driven and focused on empowering projects in the ESG sector,” said Jeff Nowak, Head of Partnerships at Telos. “dClimate and Kanda are two of the highest caliber projects I’ve come across with tech that will truly change the world, they have our full support. We aim to create lasting impact together, on a global scale, and encourage all founders in our ecosystems to join us on this mission.”

If you’re building in the Telos ecosystem and need additional resources, apply here. To learn more about this program and partnership, join our communities on Telegram and Discord to connect directly with our teams.

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