Announcing dClimate’s Community Ambassador Program

Announcing dClimate’s Community Ambassador Program

Become a Leader in the dClimate Community Today

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Apply today to become an official dClimate ambassador! dClimate ambassadors will have the opportunity to work directly with our team to organize community events, lead community engagement efforts, and contribute thought leadership to our official blog. As a community ambassador, you will help grow and strengthen the dClimate community and marketplace.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador:

  • Work directly with the dClimate team
  • Win and earn special prizes, including cash, exclusive dClimate merchandise, and NFT’s
  • Have your work and research published through dClimate’s official blog and other publications
  • Work with thought leaders and experts throughout the DeFi ecosystem
  • Get early access to software updates and gaming content

What Does a Community Ambassador Do?

dClimate community ambassadors will help manage our Telegram and Discord communities, create content for our various social media channels, contribute research pieces for our official blog, help to educate new participants about what dClimate does, and work with our team directly on product development ideas and direct participant recruitment. As a community ambassador, you will play a key role in the launch and growth of the dClimate network and community.

Roles That Are Available:

  • Moderator (Help Manage One of dClimate’s Social Media Accounts, ex. Telegram, Discord, etc.)
  • Content Creator (Publish thought leadership pieces about dClimate and climate data through our official blog or another source)
  • Event Organizer (Organize community events and meet-ups)

Incentive Structure:

Moderator: Moderators can earn $10 USD for every 100 high quality-participants they onboard to the dClimate Telegram chat channel and Discord servers. ($300 monthly cap) Moderators that onboard over 1,000 high- quality participants to dClimate’s Discord and Telegram channels will additionally win an exclusive prize pack. High-quality participants are defined as being real people (no bots) with backgrounds in one of the following areas that are relevant to dClimate: blockchain, engineering, climate/data science, academia, meteorology. Places where you can find potential participants for the dClimate community include university groups, climate forums, slack channels, Discord/Telegram groups, etc.

Content Creator: Content creators can earn $30 USD for every research/thought leadership/opinion piece relevant to dClimate they write and that is approved by the dClimate community team. ($300 monthly cap)

Event Organizer: Event organizers can earn dClimate merchandise and prizes for moderating and organizing community events and meet-ups offline. Our team is happy to work with event organizers to get them started offline, but the objective is to get members of the community together to talk about issues relevant to the network. Event organizers who demonstrate an ability to attract new and existing participants to different meet-ups will be eligible for additional prizes. You can also apply to have dClimate sponsor your event directly with a small grant and merchandise by reaching out to:

Code of Conduct:

  • Be kind, courteous, and respectful of fellow participants and members of other communities
  • Participate in and improve discussions
  • No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) without permission from a dClimate team member
  • Multiple accounts of the same user are not allowed
  • Post only original content. No reposting or plagiarism will be tolerated
  • No discussion of price, markets, or tokens is allowed in events officially sponsored by the dClimate team or in communities directly moderated by the dClimate team. Thought leadership pieces that focus solely on price speculation will not be published.

Repeated violation of community guidelines and the code of conduct will result in suspension or expulsion from the ambassador program.

Apply Today:

The more you contribute to building the dClimate community, the more you can earn. Use the form below to apply today to become an official dClimate community ambassador. We will follow up with you to discuss further if your application is selected.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact:

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